Closing the Gap: Filling in or Keeping Your Teeth Closer

Gap TeethGaps in between teeth do not really pose a big problem. Aesthetically, they can give you a look as if you lack one or two of your original set. If the gap is not wide enough, it can serve as a distraction whenever you talk or smile. A small gap in between your front teeth can even become a fashion accessory. This can be what makes you unique. Not all gaps, however, should be left alone.

Gaps are generally not harmful if they are not caused by previous loss of a tooth. This article shares a few ways to close the gap and achieve a regular looking set of teeth.


The dangerous kind of gaps is when you get them from losing one or more of your permanent teeth. You should never leave them hanging because they can cause the weakening of your jaw. Spaces in between teeth may cause the slow deterioration of your whole set of teeth. You may notice that the teeth beside the gaps are much prone to shaking. This is because your teeth support each other in your gums. Visit an experienced implant dentist to learn more about how you can replace lost tooth.


Gaps that are simply unsightly due to small teeth or normal growth are fixable by braces. Not only do braces close these spaces, it can also help realign teeth that may not be in the right position. Sometimes, too much space in between teeth can cause a tooth to move about freely. It may either become crooked or move somewhere else slowly. Getting braces forms your teeth together to give you that beautiful smile you never knew you had.

Visit your dentist and ask them about what you should do with your gaps. They might even have other newer options that can fix your problem.

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