Things You Should Never do to a Diamond Ring

Jewelry Cleaning Do you want your daughter or son to make use of your engagement ring in the far future? Do you plan to sell your diamond jewelry at some point? Or are you just looking for the best way to keep your rocks shining as much as the day you bought them?

At the very least, you may be looking for ways to sell your jewelry at the highest price years later, or for them to look good enough to wear at formal parties.

Whatever your reason is, a lot of diamond owners are actually unaware of certain things they simply must not do to their rocks. Here are some things you should never do when you’re wearing or storing your jewels:

1. Expose to extreme heat sources.

Did you know simple sunlight or heat from a laptop on a regular basis could damage most gems? You’ll need to keep your rings and rocks out of the sun or away from regular sources of heat if you want to have them in the same condition for long.

2. Be careless with chemical cleaners.

Any jewelry repair Salt Lake City has can tell you that ammonia and chlorine bleach can do serious damage to your gems and metals. Make sure you take off any jewelry when you go swimming in a chlorinated pool. You should also remember to take off your accessories when you’re cleaning the house.

3. Clean the gems yourself.

In the end, if you are unsure of what to do to maintain your jewels, going to a jewelry repair place in Salt Lake City is the best thing to do. They’ll be able to say how your jewelry has been treated and what special care each piece needs.

Make sure that you exercise great caution when trying to clean your rocks and gems yourself. Look at any documentation with your pieces or ask an expert.


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