Comprehending the Real Value of Water in Mad Max: Fury Road

Water ValueAs a basic human need, is it not true that water can push people to wage wars? Imagine if, for instance, there will be a sudden scarcity of water across the world. With no supply to satisfy the demand, nations and individuals can turn into desperate beings seeking survival. This can change the dynamic of the human race — a devolution, perhaps, into creatures of instinct.

Contextualisation via Mad Max: Fury Road

The 2015 film, Mad Max: Fury Road, is the franchise’s fourth instalment. Set in a desert wasteland in the future, gasoline, water and plants have become rare commodities. Civilisation is struggling to survive after a nuclear holocaust as if they have returned to ancient times governed by a tyrant.

Immortan Joe, the movie’s antagonist, is the cult leader who controls the supply of water in the Citadel and demands authority with his army of War Boys. The remaining humans residing in the Citadel bow down to Joe, because no one can even afford or find a drop of water anywhere else.

What If We Ran Out of Water Today?

If this unfortunate event were to occur today, there are water well specialists that provide drilling services in the search for water. It is not an easy task, but it is doable., for example, cites how ‘water is elusive’, and seeking it flowing underground is difficult as well. In addition, this operation entails the use of deep well-drilling equipment.

In the movie, Imperator Furiosa, a lieutenant under Joe’s command, betrays the warlord by stealing his War Rig, an armoured truck that loads gasoline. Taking Joe’s five wives with her in an attempt to escape the latter’s tyranny, Furiosa talks of the Green Place as their destination — a haven filled with plants and sources of water. Unfortunately, they discover that their assumed ‘promised land’ has withered away into a swampland desert. This calls to mind the question: Given such a situation, can water well-drilling find, at least, a spout, given that their world has turned grey and dry?

The importance of water needs no reiteration. Human survival depends on it. In a desolate land, such as in the film, you will learn how to value water and comprehend its importance.

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