Creative & New Ways to Use Your Cable Ties at Home

cable ties

cable tiesCable ties are one of the things that are ridiculously cheap and at the same very useful tool at home whenever you need them the most. Aside from keeping your wiring system neat and organized, tie-wraps can also help you secure a number of things. Keep on reading this post to find out some of the surprising uses of cable ties in your household.

Keeps Your Plants Upright

One good use of cable ties in Perth from is securing your plants in place. It can hold up almost all types of plants which require staking including cucumbers, roses, and tomatoes. The process is one good way to ensure that your plants are growing properly and are not breaking.

For Decoration Preparations

Keep your holiday décor from falling by securing them with no other than, cable ties. Along with that, you can also attach these latching straps to your lights to achieve nice and straight lines that will not budge even if someone bumps on them. And, at the end of the season, no worries because you can easily organize and store your décor by tying them up together using the same cable ties you’ve used.

Anti-Theft Purpose

Create a temporary lock for you bag by securing it with cable ties. This can deter thieves and avoid them from stealing anything of value to you. Just simply tie two zippers together using a cable tie and voila! You have an instant and improvised anti-theft protection.

Quick Fix to a Broken Toilet Handle

When you have a broken toilet handle, no worries because here’s a quick fix you can do to bring back the functionality of your damaged chain. Just simply attach a cable tie from the inner panel of your system and check whether it is working or not, if it is then you’re good to go. See? Very easy and simple minus the supposedly expensive repair of your system.

Indeed, cable ties serve more purposes aside from just organizing and holding up your scattered wirings at home. However, to ensure the durability and effectiveness of your tie-wraps, it is necessary that you store them properly. This is to help avoid the material from disintegrating and oxidizing.

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