Business on the Road: Creative Uses for Trucks


TrucksTrucks are huge investments — literally and figuratively. They are good investments, too. From starting your own business, to moving to a new house, there are so many ways you can use a truck.

  1. Mobile food truck

When you start a mobile food truck business, you don’t have to worry about your location because you can be anywhere. All you need are some people to help you around with the chores, and voila, your business can go miles across town. To make things easier, buy a second hand truck that the previous owner used for a food business.

  1. Anything on Wheels

Aside from food, there are many items you can sell, such as clothes and used books. Just attach a sturdy bar on the truck where you can hang the clothes for sale. Set up a mini library or a book sale at the back of the truck that can be open to the public.

  1. Bed Truck

Transform the back of the truck into a bed when you camp out, or when you simply want to stargaze. Buy a mattress and throw in a pillow or two, depending on how many you are in the group. This may also work for a unique date night. Warner Truck Centers suggests looking for parts and accessories that improve your comfort.

  1. Gamer’s truck

This one is for the geeks who happen to be outdoorsy. Take camping to a new level by renovating your truck into a gamer’s den. Think outside the box and make a few changes to meet your gamer needs.

Most of these you can actually do with a trailer van, but not everyone has the money for that. That is the beauty of second hand trucks. Just make sure you know how to buy the right vehicle.

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