Curries and Spices: Delectable Indian Cuisine

Indian Restaurant in London

Indian Restaurant in LondonSome people may say that you can know a country through its food. In a way, you can fulfil the saying even without leaving your hometown. Wherever you may be, there will most likely be restaurants which offer the unique dishes of foreign countries like Thailand, China or India. With the abundance of such restaurants, you can know a foreign country all you want without paying for travel fees.

Indian Chicken

One of the foreign dishes British love is the Chicken Tikka Masala. Since the late 1990s, the dish has been ordered millions of times by millions of Brits. To this day, CTM may still be well loved by most people, although news sources claim Jalfrezi has replaced the CTM.

When you are craving yourself some CTM, Jalfrezi or another Indian dish, you can easily look for an Indian restaurant in London. The Kennington Tandoori is one such place. It opened in 1985 as is now celebrating over 30 years of service.

Original Dishes

The restaurant offers authentic Indian cuisine, and is open from midday to midnight, from Mondays to Sundays. It has been a well-praised restaurant for its serious and artful approach to Indian cuisine. Many MPs frequent the Westminster restaurant.

Casual or Formal

You can enjoy the tasty dishes the restaurant offers. You can simply eat there and treat it as any other restaurant. You can also book for a dining room for your business meetings or dinner parties.

Benefits of Indian Food

For people who aren’t fond of Indian cuisine, you may want to reconsider your taste in food. Indian cuisine use several ingredients and spices to bring its dishes to life. All those components can benefit your body in the long run. Ginger, for example, may act as a pain reliever from arthritis. Curcumin, essential in turmeric and curries, may help reduce chances for a heart attack and cancer of the colon.

There are more things to love in Indian cuisine. Even without leaving the U.K., you may feel like you already know India just based on the food that you eat here.

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