Is She Cheating? Signs and Moves to Make

Finding Out If She's Cheating On You

Ways To Find Out If She's Cheating On YouCheating is cheating; it’s not the intention but the deed. Whatever reason your spouse tells you or your friends for doing it, she’s doing it for herself. Cheating is an act of selfishness more than weakness.

The problem is not about how you can find out for yourself if it’s true; the problem is how it affects you and possibly your children. While extreme jealousy is the culprit behind many breakups and divorces, there are people whose jealousy does have its bases.

Is she cheating on you?

You may notice some early signs that your wife has been cheating. She’s suddenly always late; when she arrives she’s too tired to even talk and goes straight to bed. She keeps her phone under her pillow and hides it from your view when somebody texts; when somebody calls she either whispers or says “Wrong number” all too loudly to make sure you heard. She used to ask you all the time for the password to her own social network accounts and email, but now she has changed them and is suddenly upset when you ask her about it. Many signs can make you uncomfortable and suspicious, but now you have to figure out if your suspicions are correct. She suddenly remembers to cook your favorite meal when she had stopped doing that for months, and she’s too sweet lately. These are a few signs that she may be hiding something from you. If she really is cheating, she’ll probably exhibit more obvious signs unless she’s extremely good at this. But that kind of expertise comes with practice, so watch out.

Ask your lawyer for options

Your Nassau County divorce lawyer from the Law Offices of Ian S. Mendick may have some advice regarding this, as they are no stranger to this kind of situation. They may advise you to talk to your wife for now and see if her reactions are not over the top or too cold. In some cases, your lawyer may recommend a private investigator to follow your wife around and gather some evidence supporting or disputing your suspicions. PIs carry out their work legally and they may be called to testify during the trial.

Always ask your lawyer if you intend to make any kind of move. They can advise and keep you from endangering yourself or your wife and children. They can definitely keep you away from violating any laws if you listen to them.

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