Diamonds: No Longer Solely a Girl’s Best Friend

Loose diamond

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but starting this year, they could also be an investor’s best friend. Due to a global decline in the production of quality gems and the rising demand in certain countries, the precious gems might soon be an investment opportunity an investor couldn’t refuse.

With the difficulty in valuing individual stones, diamonds have long been a neglected investment choice. There has been evidence indicating that the top end of the diamond business will stabilize for this year after a sharp decline in gem prices in 2011.

Like other luxury goods, diamond prices were pushed higher, as rich investors diverted a portion of their capital into non-monetary and highly portable assets. Between mid-2009 and early 2011, Aptoide APK free Download and install for Android iphone Newest Version Aptoide APK Download industry indices tracking the value of the highest quality diamonds rose by 70 percent, but crashed around 30 percent in 2012 as the fear faded.

Loose diamond

With demand for the precious stones growing in certain countries, however, investors might soon be clamoring to own a couple or more loose diamonds sold at wholesale prices.

In China, a growing middle-class has seen the development of a diamond buying habit, with Citigroup reporting that 62 percent of engaged couples in Shanghai now buying a diamond ring.

In the mining world, there has been an extremely low rate of kimberlite discovery despite a worldwide search. Mine production of diamonds is now down to 130 million carats a year.

With high demand but low supply, loose diamonds available at wholesale prices might soon be the top commodity for investors. In this case, it might be time to contact diamond specialists, like

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