Colour Your Life: How Paint Colours Create an Emotionally Healthy Home

Have you walked into a room and instantly felt better? That’s the science of colour, which can calm you, energise you, or clear your thoughts. The colour of the paint you use to decorate your home can have a significant effect on the emotional well-being of your family.

Before you contact professional painters in Perth for your next decor re-do, spend some time thinking about the right colour for you.

Here are some mood-boosting colours in every room in your home:

Paint Colors For Your Home

Get friendly with Red

Bold and powerful, red walls will stimulate, excite, and inspire confidence. It often works well in the living room because it stimulates conversation. This colour encourages people to sit around and talk.

Be energetic with Orange

A happy and optimistic colour, orange walls evoke fun. It’s best for dining rooms or other social spaces in your home.

Feel relaxed with Green

Green is the colour of nature, and its lighter shades create a calm atmosphere. It also creates a harmonious vibe, making it a perfect choice for your bedroom.

Liven up with Yellow

Nothing beats sunny, joyful rays in the kitchen. This room always tends to be a popular gathering place, so why not paint the room yellow to facilitate exchanges among family and friends.

Every shade of colour affects your mood. So if you need a quick paint makeover, it’s best to hire professional painters as they can turn a simple house into a unique masterpiece.

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