The Effects of Insulation on Your Health

Insulation, house under construction

According to recent studies, people spend 90% of their time indoors, whether at home or the office. With such a dominant percentage, the standard of that environment will have significant effects on people’s health.

The temperature of our constant environment should be of great importance to researchers as scientists are grappling with the issues of global warming. If studies can be conducted that can demonstrate the effects of home insulation and temperature manipulation on health, then scientists might have a better idea of how climate change will affect humanity.

Insulation, house under construction

Companies, such as Austral Insulation, have been promoting the benefits of insulations for years, but most of them revolve around the preservations of the home, and not about health.

What current studies have found is that insulating houses that led to warmer and drier environments improved self-rated health. The studies also reported less wheezing, less days off from work or school, as well as less visits to hospitals and general practitioners. The only flaw in the findings is that all the results are self-rated and minimal consideration has been put into other factors that may have affected the result.

If more studies in home insulation are conducted, then the understanding on how the human body reacts to environmental stresses in a modern setting will broaden, allowing for improvements in how homes and offices are planned and built.

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