How the Workplace Design Affects Staff Productivity

Office desks

The success of every business depends on the productivity of their employees. If they can meet client demands on time, then the operations will continue to grow. The productivity of employees, on the other hand, depends on their working environment. It’s important to give them a space where they can focus completely.

Office desks

Office Distraction

Many businesses believe that an open plan layout is beneficial because it lets everyone in the office communicate fast. What they don’t realise is that it’s also among the major sources of distraction. Short interruptions have a lasting effect to employees, according to psychology professor Erik Altmann. If they’re distracted for at least 2.8 seconds, it might take them up to 25 minutes to focus again on their work.

If these distractions will take place multiple times, it can affect the overall productivity of your business. Fortunately, you can improve this by getting new office fit outs from renovation experts. They offer cubicles and glass partitions to give your employees a little privacy when working.

Office Interiors

From the furniture to the colour of the walls, everything can affect the work pace of your employees. For instance, if the walls are too bright, it can hurt their eyes and become more distracted. While the windows offer natural light, it can cause glare during the afternoon. Not having a wide desk makes the work area cramped, making it difficult to concentrate as well. Office partitioning and renovation experts, like The Caretakers, find it important to advise businesses to take note of these if they really want their employees to work at their highest potential.

An ideal workplace motivates employees, which can improve the productivity of your business. Lead your operations to success by hiring office fitout experts to promote a better working area.

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