With Flying Colors: Inspiring Productivity and Creativity


officeA productive and creative team is one of the key elements of business success. When employees are motivated to work and put a lot of thought in every project they do, the business will surely thrive. The problem for most managers, though, is how exactly do you keep your workers productive, creative and happy?

Here are three ways to inspire productivity and creativity in the office:

Boost Employee Morale with Regular Staff Training

Employees are more likely to stay with an organization that provides many opportunities for professional growth. Your employees must have means of developing their skills and knowledge. Think of new and creative ways to equip your employees.

There are many training method options—mentoring, web-based training such as videoconferencing and audio conferencing, and conferences. When organizing conferences, it is very important to be careful about the speaker you will invite. Brad Montgomery, a distinguished motivational speaker, says that a good speaker must be able to engage people and ultimately compel them to take action—in the case of businesses, they must inspire employees to be more productive.

Encourage Innovation with Brainstorming Sessions

An effective leader is not just competent in enhancing the skillsets of employees. They are also able to relate to their team on a personal level, which will motivate employees to be innovative thinkers. You should be able to build an environment where your team feels comfortable raising their concerns and bringing new ideas to the table. This will give make them feel that their contributions are valid and valued.

Create Creative Environments

The environment largely affects the mood of your employees. The office must be conducive for creativity. Research suggests that plants can boost creativity and improve moods. Let your staff personalize their spaces with indoor plants. Consider upgrading your office design as well.

Remember, a productive and creative staff is an important ingredient in business success. Invest in your employees. Prioritize them and you will see an incredible growth in your business.

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