Capturing the Scenery – Pro Tips for Beautiful Landscape Photography

taking photoshoot on wall

taking photoshoot on wallIn popular culture, intimate photography dominates the industry. People want to see the fine details of a piece of clothing, a man’s face or a work of art. Doubtless, this stems from the use of portable but powerful phone cameras where users can capture detailed, albeit limited photographs of things around them.

On the other side of the spectrum, landscape photographers use the capabilities of the modern camera lens to capture stills of miles-wide, hundred-foot high sceneries. They usually produce images that depict the utter beauty of nature and on rare times, create a piece of artful expression of our dear planet. There are places in the world where you can bring your camera and bag pictures of glorious landscapes.

Nevertheless, before you pack your bags, listen first to the landscape photography tips from EOS World:

1. Maximise Depth of Field

In landscape photography, your focus is as wide as the scenery in front of your eyes. Consider lowering the aperture setting on your camera to increase the depth of field in your shots.

2. Bring a Tripod

Even if you have steady hands, it’s better to bring a tripod when shooting landscapes. It ensures the stillness of your photographs. It can get windy in some places where there’s beautiful sceneries and you would not want to bring home shaky photos just because you ignored to bring your tripod.

3. Pick a Focal Point

Make sure that you choose where you will point your camera. By knowing your primary subject in landscape photography, you could produce beautiful images of a near-professional quality.

4. Use the Sky

Nothing says “great landscape” unless the entirety of the blue sky is visible. When capturing landscape photos, always consider including the sky in the frame for a better product.

5. Go for .RAW Format

A must for amateur and professional photographers, using the RAW format, especially for landscape photos, will enable you to capture even the smallest detail of your chosen scenery.

If you’re the kind who would rather shoot mountains over milk crates, landscape photography is for you. Remember these professional-given tips when you’re going out to shoot winter wonderlands, summer sceneries or autumn auras.

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