Four Important Characteristics to Look for When Hiring Employees

an applicant with a recruiter smiling

Recruitment is a big responsibility for businesses. Despite the increasing number of jobseekers in Australia, finding the right talent for your company does not get easier. It could be exhausting and at times frustrating especially when the candidate you thought was a good fit turned out not to be.

Here are the top traits you must look out for to ensure you are hiring great talent:


This characteristic is not just about having an excellent résumé. A résumé might include the candidate’s educational and professional background, but companies are looking for more than just a long list of achievements. During their job interview, question the candidate about their drive to innovate and find better solutions. A candidate’s eagerness often conveys their desire to achieve results.

Carries a Clean Record

You want to hire people that are trustworthy. Make sure that you obtain their references and use a service that gives you access to Australian criminal record checks. No matter how trained you are in assessing potential employees, conducting a background check is an important step in the hiring process.


If a candidate gives an impression that he or she refuses to learn tasks outside the job description, they could be unfit for your business. You want people in your company who have the initiative to know how the system works and how they can improve it. Like what Matthew Ricketts writes on HuffPost, successful businesses hire those who do more than the bare minimum.

Fits Right In

It is important to choose a candidate that matches your company’s culture and values. If you want your company to grow, your employees should adopt the same attitude in themselves.

Hiring the right people is challenging but having a list of your preferred qualities in a candidate helps you choose an employee who is a perfect match for your business.

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