Go Solar: Hot Water for Your Home With Huge Savings to Boot

Water Heating System in NelsonExpect to have savings when you install a new solar water heating system in your house. The amount of savings depends on various parameters, including the type of system, household size, and family needs. It can be quite considerable if the system you choose fits with your lifestyle.

Tim Miller Plumbing explains how investing in a quality solar equipment for your NZ home helps a lot.

Additional Benefits and Considerations 

Your savings on fuel will ease some of the stress on your monthly budget. Solar energy is free for all. In some homes, the energy bill reduction amounts to as much as 60 per cent. Your household becomes less dependent on the grid for its energy needs. In New Zealand, homes with sun-powered installations have added value when put up for sale.

While a sun-powered system can supply a huge portion of the energy needs for domestic heating purposes, a supplemental system must still be in place. In most areas, renewable energy sources cannot provide 100 per cent of residential heating needs.

How Solar Thermal Systems Work

Essentially, systems now available from New Zealand-based companies offering alternatives to conventional residential heating negate the use of oil, gas, and electricity. A typical system provides passive heating, which involves the conversion of light energy from the sun into heat energy. However, to be more efficient, you should consider an active system, which is designed to move the heat from the collectors to your home. The solar thermal systems in the market harness sunlight through collectors or panels. The energy from the sun heats the water contained in a cylinder. Active systems, which are not as common as passive types can be used to heat not just the water cylinder for household use, but an entire swimming pool as well.

Unlike photovoltaic panels that generate electricity, the system we are describing here merely heats water you use for household chores. You can ask a trusted solar heating company for the type of installation that suits your home. Professional installers will do the best job possible to set up a heating system that allows you to save money on electricity.

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