Steps in Buying a Used Car from a Dealership

Used Car Dealership in Chilliwack

Used Car Dealership in ChilliwackFor some people buying a used car is not a big deal. Many vehicle owners, in fact, start with a pre-loved vehicle. What’s there to lose anyway when used cars can function just like new ones do.

“Aren’t we exaggerating a bit here?” you might say. Smith Motors suggests you try to visit a car dealership in Chilliwack to see for yourself. There you’ll be approached by a salesman that will attend to your needs and provide you with a buyer’s guide form should you be interested in buying a particular car on display.

FTC Guidelines

The Federal Trade Commission requires every car dealership to display that form in order to sell. It contains as much information about cars for sale – from the manufacturer, VIN number, model to the year to warranties and a history report. In a way it is like a contract as everything that is stated in this form must be accurate and honored.

In addition, the agent can also help you with inspection and test drive scheduling. Both will help you know the accuracy of the information on the form. Insist on it done by an independent mechanic, followed by the test drive. After doing both, you must have seen signs (or lack of it) of a previous accident or body work.

At this stage, you must be interested in buying a used car. Look for additional information through the title document. You can use it to check if the car had encountered any problem before and if the speedometer is accurate.

Double Check

If you want to verify the accuracy of the report, you may consider buying another history report from a different provider. It may be redundant but it is a good way to double check the information listed about the car you are about to buy.

Listen, read and double check – these three things are a must when buying a used car from a dealership. The information is there, coupled with the dealership’s efforts to help you out. The rest you have to do your part including obtaining a second history report.

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