Granny Flats as an Element of Modern Residential Homes

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Granny flats are often designed for occupation by one or two people. Ageing parents or young adults may use them. A granny flat may be constructed so that it shares certain amenities with the main house, or in a way that it is completely separated from the main house. Either way, it may have some important necessities such as a bathroom and a bedroom.

Construction of Granny Flats

Unlike regular residential homes, granny flats are constructed while keeping in mind the conditions of its intended occupants. If in need, consider hiring professional granny flat builders who will design and build a granny flat that is tailored to your needs. During construction, the professional builders will consider the health conditions and mobility of the ageing parents to determine the most suitable design. One option may be the centralisation of sockets, switches and shelves to enable the aging person to perform different activities with minimal movement.

Granny Pods

Granny pods are unique granny flats that have been fitted with a monitoring system. They come in handy where the main house occupants want to keep a constant eye on their aging parents. In such a case, they can monitor their parents through a real-time CCTV system. The Pods may also be fitted with a high-tech medication dispenser through which the caretakers can administer medication to the aging parents remotely.

Increased Popularity of Granny Flats

The addition of granny flats has continuously gained popularity among home-owners. It has provided a way through which couples or even single people can take care of their aging parents without feeling that their parents are interfering with their personal space. Granny flats have also increased space utilisation as a higher number of family members can live on the same compound.

Granny flats have revolutionised the way people take care of their ageing parents. They can monitor the progress of their parents without making the parents feel like a burden. On the other hand, granny flats provide parents with some sense of independence.

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