Is It Time To Replace Your Tires?

Close up of car tire

A study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found more than 150,000 of car accidents are tire-related. Failure to replace tires ASAP result in hundreds of car accidents every day. Knowing when it is time to replace your tires is important to prevent these dangerous road incidents from happening.

Tread Wear

There is no exact way of telling how long tires would last. The lifespan and mileage of tires depend on a number of factors, which include the design, the climate, road condition, the driver’s habits, and tire maintenance. For this reason, inspecting your car for wear is important in determining whether you should make a replacement.

Here’s one simple test you can use: run a penny head first across the tire’s tread grooves. If you tend to see the top of Lincoln’s head, it means that the treads are already shallow and worn. This suggests that you need to replace the tires soon.

Tire Age

If you have been using your tires for at least five years, it is important that you have them thoroughly inspected by a professional at least once a year. Ten years is also considered maximum for tires so if yours have not been replaced for a decade, it could be time to shop around for durable tires in Parlin, New Jersey. Even if the tires still look usable and not that worn-out, replacing them is an important precautionary measure. This ensures your safety on the road. Many manufacturers recommend replacing tires at six years.

Quality Of Maintenance

Without regular and proper maintenance, you’ll need to replace your tires ASAP. You can actually prolong the longevity of your tires by maintaining the recommended air pressure and conducting regular tire rotations and vehicle maintenance.

Cars that use worn out and damaged tires are at increased risk of vehicular accidents. Knowing when it is time to replace your tires can help save you and your family from potential injuries.

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