Keep Out of Trouble With Your Pool

Swimming Pool

Swimming PoolTo build a pool in Perth WA or you already have a pool, you need a fence. There are very specific laws imposed by the state government on pool owners. This is to prevent very young children from drowning, which is the leading cause of death for children up to the age of five. In Western Australia, 16 children have drowned in private pools over a 5-year period. For each of these children, 10 more were hospitalized for nearly drowning.

No one wants to get in trouble over your swimming pool, so you need to know these laws regarding your glass pool fencing.


The material of the barrier to the pool has to be strong and durable. Glass pool fencing is resistant to environmental stresses. It does not warp, rot, or rust. It is also resistant to insect infestations. This makes it easy to maintain as well, which is good news for pool owners.

More importantly, you cannot climb glass, remarks Perth City Glass. This is an advantage that glass pool fencing has over other materials. All types of glass pool fencing are smooth and completely enclosed. There are no gaps or features than can be used as hand- and footholds for determined, enterprising kids.


The pool fence should be at least 1.2 metres in height. This is not a problem with glass pool fencing, which can also easily conform to an uneven surface.


Pool fences cannot have gaps of more than 100 mm. This is again not a problem with glass pool fencing, as there are practically no spaces between sheets of glass fencing. Framed glass fences have no gaps at all. Most glass pool fencing also comes with self-latching hinged gates.

Glass pool fencing is more expensive than wood or iron fencing, but it fully complies with government regulations in Perth. It also looks more attractive, and since it is almost maintenance-free, you can recoup the higher initial costs over time.

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