Man Skills: What Every Bloke Should Know

Every Bloke Should Know in Australia

Every Bloke Should Know in Australia Even with the fast-paced modern lifestyle that is prevalent in Perth today, some things never change. For starters, basic household chores never completely disappear. Every now and then, you will have to clean your place. Now, speaking of, there are certain things men are expected to know how to do in everyday life. As far as self-sufficient, independent grown-ups go, men have to be equipped with a few very basic skills.

Here are some you should check yourself with.


With physiological needs being at the most immediate according to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, you can then consider cooking as a necessary skill for a grown-up man. A long time ago before microwaveable meals, man had to hunt game in the wild and cook it for dinner. Thus, cooking, sourcing, managing, preparing and serving food can be considered as an essential survival skill in itself. It is important to know that cooking that does not emasculate a man, being that cooking is typically associated with the traditional gender role of women. It in fact reinforces his value as cooking means he can provide not only for himself but also for others. So, if you have no clue around the kitchen, better start learning today.


An independent grown-up can be expected to already live in his own place. And by living in his own home, comes with new sets of responsibilities. One such responsibility is maintaining his home. When things fall apart or break down in the house, whether that’s the plumbing, the electrical systems, or heating, he should at least know the most basic of repairs. Knowing how to work with tools to fix his own home and other property can help him save on having to hire plumbers and other handymen to solve his problem for him.


With technology today, owning personal transportation such as an automobile is not so uncommon anymore. Many Australians own cars nowadays. Knowing how to drive takes off your dependence on public transportation, or your friend’s ride – another form of being able to provide for yourself. But knowing how to drive and operate an automobile is only half the skill. The other half is knowing how to service it. If a man is going to own and drive his ride, he should also know how maintain it. He should be his own mechanic: knowing his automobile in and out, where to get the best car parts if something needs replacing and how to keep its engine working in peak condition, according to JTW Autoparts.

Independent grown-ups should always have everyday life skills with them. But they should always look to adding skills to their profile. Those described above are only a few. Learn more to keep improving your skillset.

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