Why Is It Important to Buy Authentic Spare Parts and Accessories for Your Mitsubishi Vehicle?

Mitsubishi Car Parts in Auckland

Mitsubishi Parts in AucklandWhen you take your vehicle to an authorised Mitsubishi dealer for repair and maintenance, you are assured of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Mitsubishi car parts. On the other hand, if you take your car to an independent repair shop, you will most likely get aftermarket car parts. Is there anything wrong with these parts? Does a less expensive part mean a substandard part? Also, why should you use OEM parts only?

Why Choose Genuine Mitsubishi Parts and Accessories?

Mitsubishi has an extensive selection of parts and accessories to suit your vehicle’s individual requirements. Genuine Mitsubishi parts and accessories are designed and manufactured to ensure a perfect fit, high levels of safety and peak performance. Using Mitsubishi parts and Accessories will ensure you get quality products that are both durable and reliable.

What is the difference between Mitsubishi Parts and Accessories and Aftermarket Parts?

An authorised Mitsubishi dealer fits Mitsubishi genuine parts and accessories on your car. Although aftermarket parts can be less expensive, they are not engineered to ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Why is it beneficial to use Mitsubishi Parts?

Mitsubishi deliberately design, engineer and manufacture their parts to ensure a seamless fit and best performance of your vehicle – at the end of the day, it is the best way to protect your asset.

What happens if you don’t use Mitsubishi Genuine Parts or Accessories on your vehicle?

Fitting non-genuine Mitsubishi parts and accessories will not void your warranty. Nevertheless, damage or problems caused by using these parts and accessories might not be covered by your warranty.

Aftermarket parts may not be a perfect fit — but all OEM parts and accessories are. Aftermarket parts and accessories can save you a lot of money. However, OEM parts are the best choice for your vehicle.

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