Metal Cutting 101: Mastering the Different Techniques Used

Man cutting metal

Whenever you need to put up a metal structure, cutting the metal is one of the things that your fabricator will need to do.

Have you, however, paused to ask yourself what method of precision metal cutting they will employ? Utah’s top metal fabricator Cypress Metals cites the following techniques to use to cut metal:

Metal Turning

This method uses a lathe machine to power cut metal. The operator, however, needs to turn the metal over according to the direction of cutting. Some lathes, however, come with an automatic feed process, which saves you the labor but time to feed the material in the machine.

Laser Cutting

This method uses the laser technology to cut the pieces of metal. Laser refers to a high-concentrated light beam, which reaches the metal surface at a high temperature. It is the hot beam that is responsible for cutting the metal efficiently.

When you compare laser technology with modern lathes, laser machines offer clean finishes on whichever type of material you are working.

Plasma Cutting

This method utilizes a plasma torch with high temperatures to cut through metal. The torch pumps out gas at high speed to the metal surface. The electrified gas creates a plasma stream, which melts metal to create a clean cut; however, plasma cutting is barely as much accurate as is laser cutting.

Water Jet Cutting

This method also utilizes the principle of high-pressure to cut surfaces. The water jet pumps out water to the metal at high pressure, thus creating a line of weakness on the metal.

Flame Cutting

This method uses a cutter and a hot gas flame to cut metal. The flame is scorching to melt the metal, to enable the cutter to go through the metal surface.

Regardless of the method that your fabricator prefers to use, ensure that it offers the best results for your project. Precision metal cutting using modern technology will help you realize sturdy yet beautiful metal structures, notes a Utah-based metal fabrication services provider.

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