The Components of Drilled Water Wells

Over 50% of New Zealanders depend on groundwater for residential and commercial uses. This makes water wells an integral part of commercial and residential properties in the country. There are various types of water wells including hand-dug, driven and drilled wells.

Well-drilling is the best option for property owners looking for a permanent water supply. There are several components which comprise your water well system. Here are a few of them.


This is a tubular structure which is placed in your drilled well to maintain its opening. The casing also works with your well’s grout to confine groundwater to its ideal zone and prevent contamination. The casing can be made of stainless and carbon steel but is typically made of plastic more so PVC. Some local agencies have minimum required lengths for water well casing.

Well Screens

These are filtering devices designed to keep out excess sediments. They are attached to the bottom of your well’s casing allowing unhindered movement of water while filtering sand and gravel. Perforated and slotted pipe and continuous slot screens are among the standard options for well screens. In an aquifer with lots of gravel and sand, a continuous slot screen is an ideal option since a perforated pipe has wide openings.


These are snugly fitted on your well’s casing to keep out pests and debris. The caps are typically thermoplastic or aluminium and have vented screens to maintain a pressure difference on the outside and inside. They should be 15 to 20 centimetres above the ground level or more, especially if your well is near a stream or river to prevent water contamination.

The above components are the most crucial for your water well but not the only ones. Other parts will be primarily influenced by your area and type of well drilling technique. You can, however, rest assured that water well is the best investment for your property.

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