The Mighty Termites: Methods to Keep Your House Termite-free

Weatherboard terrace

Termites do more damage to Australian homes than natural disasters. These little pests like to live in the dark, and multiply fast.

If termites have set up camp in your home, below are some tips to get rid of them:

Termite Inspection

Call an exterminator to inspect suspected termite damage. For significantly damaged areas, you might want to consider getting a home renovation to eliminate the pests and prevent them from coming back.

Weatherboard terrace

Proper Home Maintenance

Homerepair and renovation will not only make your present living conditions better, but it’ll also improve aesthetics. To stop termites from taking over your house, ask your contractor to make use of physical barriers like granite and stainless steels in spots prone to termites. Make sure that wall cavities are free of moisture, and remove any timber that has contact with the soil.

Chemical Barriers and Soil Treatments

Termites continuously look for moisture so they can set up their nests. If the soil around your house is chemically treated, these pests will not be able to return. Keep in mind that only licensed pest controllers can use certain chemicals, so it’s best to call one for help.

Your home is your biggest investment. Don’t let these little pests ruin it. If you suspect a termite presence in your home, minimise the risk of further damage by following these simple tips.

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