Cash for Gold: How to Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry

selling gold

Selling gold in Long Island is one of the easiest ways to get quick money. Many people sell their gold jewelry when these are old and no longer used. Others sell gold pieces in case of emergency purposes or if they want to buy some new pieces. Whatever the reason, the common thing every seller looks for is a gold buyer willing to pay the right amount of cash for their gold. The gold buyers in Long Island are some of the most established buyers in America.

selling gold

Here’s how to get the best value for your gold:

Know the carat

The first aspect that determines your value is the purity of the metal. Check for the carat weight that is usually stamped on the piece of jewelry you want to sell. The higher the carat weight, the higher the piece is worth. Most pieces have markings that indicate their purity.

Know your buyer

Avoid gold buyers whose offerings are too high to be true. They are often dishonest gold buyers and can scam you. Look for some gold buyers who offer high payments to gold sellers, but make sure they have a good business history.

Know what you’re selling

Make sure that you know how to value your gold pieces before selling them to gold buyers. Never attempt to sell gold without professional consultation. Some gold items may be worth more than you know.

It’s important that you know every aspect of the deal that is going to take place. Knowledge about the value of gold, jewelry weighing, and so on is important to avoid unfair deals.


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