Mind The Links: Link Building is All About Building Your Brand and Reputation


Today’s search engine algorithms make it more important to hire experienced SEO reseller companies to stay in the game. Search engine giants like Google constantly test and launch new features that set the industry on new paths. The most groundbreaking update is Hummingbird.

This year, SEO professionals have seen several updates that have influenced the way they do link building. An SEO link building campaign includes strategies like blogging and social networking. These two work together to get a website noticed by the search engines. But many businesses that pursue link building have had a tough experience.

You may be wondering now if link building is illegal. According to SEO experts such as Search Engine Land and SEO Reseller Program, the answer is yes and no.

Spammy practice

The latest major hit happened when Google published a statement about the fall of guest blogging for SEO. The company said if companies use guest blogging as a way to gain links, they should probably stop. Overtime, the strategy becomes a more and more spammy practice.


Building links the right way

Despite the dangers of link building, there are right ways to go about it. Google didn’t say you can’t promote your website. The search engine knows you need to do marketing. If you strictly follow the rules, you could be in good shape.

Building your brand and reputation should be your goal. If you keep the right focus, you’ll probably be getting links that Google will value.

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