Maximising the Space in Your Bathroom


Perhaps bathrooms are the most underrated spaces in homes. Despite this fact, it is the room where multiple personal tasks take place. That said you might want to do something about it, especially when it comes to maximising its space. Here are some ideas to help you on this matter. Keep these in mind before heading to reliable shops specialising in small bathroom items and units. like.

One Colour, One Illuminated Space

Use only one colour to give your space a unifying feel. Depending on the colour you pick, make sure that it illuminates your space. Choose a colour with varying shades; soft, pastel and neutral hues will do.


Smaller Fixtures, Bigger Room To Move About

Don’t make your bathroom smaller by using big vanity units or installing expansive shelves. To gain a space to move around, go for smaller toilets, vanity units or sinks. Scour the different shops for good and functional designs. We recommend Ripples and C.P. Hart for high-end brands, and Bathrooms and More Store for more affordable options.

Larger Tiles & Mirrors for Optical Illusion

Don’t go for small tiles, or your bathroom will end up looking dingy and darker. Making your bathroom spacious also speaks in terms of plain appearance. Using larger tiles will do the trick.

When adding the mirrors, always consider the subject that will be reflected. You may hang your mirror across the side where it will reflect the shower linen.

These are only a few useful tips when redesigning your bathroom. Find more inspirations from interior design magazines and websites.

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