On the Fast Track to Start Your Viticulture Business

Startup Winery BusinessNew Zealand’s viticulture is absolutely impressive. From the picturesque hills of Marlborough to the colourful vineyards of Askerne in Hawkes Bay, the country is one of the top producers of wine in the world. Viticulture is actually one of the main industries in New Zealand and provides thousands of jobs to Kiwis. It is a stable industry, thanks to the continued popularity of the beverage and the balmy climate of New Zealand.

Many want to try their hands at starting their own viticulture business, but the job, as with all things, is not as easy as it looks. The upstart costs of producing wine are astronomical, and it would not be easy to fund it. According to Rapid Loans, it is possible to work on an upstart vineyard if you manage to get an easy, fast cash loan. While a business upstart is an ideal way to use personal loans, you may need to wait some time before your investment bears fruit.

The Long Road to Success

While it is tempting to sell your house and to buy a vineyard instead, starting a viticulture business from scratch is tough work. You will first have to buy the property, and go through all the stresses of having to deal with real estate brokers and the like.

Then, you will have to hire professional wine farmers who will prepare the land for your first vines. It takes about a year to prepare the land fully, and another four to six years before your plants yield their first crop.

After that, you will have to age your wine for about 18 months before it is possible to have it bottled, shipped, and sold. On average, you will have to wait at least seven years until you start earning any profits.

Taking the First Steps

Still, viticulture is a profitable business if you have realistic expectations. You can purchase a vineyard for a more affordable price than what it was in the past, spending between $50,000 to $150,000 a hectare for a vineyard.

With enough patience, you will be on the fast track to owning your own viticulture business. It just may take some time until you see real results.

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