That’s Lit: Fireplace Designs You Want to Check Out

Fireplace DesignsMore than just making Santa Claus’s entrance to your home easy, a fireplace serves a variety of purposes. History supposes that a fireplace provides heating to a home, along with cooking and boiling water for domestic use. Today, though, fireplaces primarily provide ambient relaxation through its warmth, instead of serving more practical needs.

Given that most homes of today rarely make use of their fireplace, there is a tendency for it to malfunction. Take, for example, how there are companies such as Alvey HVAC that emphasize the importance of heating to a home. Imagine if a home were to be without any source of heat during winter, as science claims that in a harsh environment, the human body can only endure a maximum of three hours with no shelter. A home with no heating will be nearly unbearable, especially during a snowstorm.

As earlier mentioned, the traditional fireplace provides a home with heating, but since 2010, it has taken on another role — to enable relaxation through the ambiance it creates. With this, modern fireplaces have come to espouse a range of features, such as the capacity to provide variable heat efficiency and accentuate a living room through its aesthetics and architecture.

Listed below are some of the hottest fireplace designs of today:

  • A transparent glass and mirror fireplace – this involves enclosing the pit within a glass case
  • A geometric corner fireplace – edgy in design, this espouses sharp lines and the intersection of angels in the corner of the room as the façade of the fireplace
  • A curved, postmodern sculpture fireplace – situated on the wall as if it were a piece of art, this is a molded fireplace showcasing snaking and wavy shapes that you can mount on the wall
  • A fireplace with firewood space – in using a wood-burning fireplace, you can have a carved out compartment for the firewood that can exhibit a rustic aesthetic
  • A fireplace in the kitchen fireplaces are commonly located in the living room, but you can also have it in your kitchen for cooking purposes reminiscent of a Mediterranean home

These are just a few of the sleekest fireplace ideas you can go for. Always remember that the real function of a fireplace is to keep your home warm when the weather refuses to be your friend.

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