Preparing for College Even While You Are Still in High School

Preparing for College in Salt Lake CityHigh school is one of the most memorable times in one’s life, mainly because it’s when the teenage fun and friendships happen. However, it should also be the time when you start considering your future, which includes the possible college or university you want to graduate from.

Here are a few pointers to get you started on your preparations:

Ask Advice – Your high school in Salt Lake City is the perfect place to meet people who are in-the-know of higher education. City Academy says you shouldn’t be afraid to ask your teachers, class adviser and guidance counselors about recommendations for the colleges and the preparations you need to pass entrance exams. Even if you start asking around during freshman year, you can just easily explain that you’re planning ahead for college.

Hone Collegiate Skills – One of the questions you should also ask are the skill-set required to get into the college of your choice. As a general rule, you should be proficient at multitasking, time management, note-taking, outlining, summarizing and learn a little bit of speed reading as well. Use your high school classroom and activities to sharpen these skills. Also, join extra-curricular activities that feature your hobbies and interest.

Follow a Timeline – Create a schedule of what you will do per high school year to target that dream college. Finalize your college preference list during your freshman year. You can aim for at least five. Start intensive research on your selections during your sophomore year, listing down each college’s requirements, pre-requisites, tuition and other pertinent details. Discuss your choices with your family as you go along. In your junior year, focus on completing PSAT, ACT or SAT. Finally, you can start applying at the beginning of your senior level.

Even you’re told that you’re too young to care about adult life, it is never too early to create a plan to reach your dreams. After all, even pre-school kids have their ambitions, why shouldn’t you. It would eventually be harder for you when you rush through life without prior planning.

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