Tricky Divorce Scenarios and How to Handle Them

Divorce LawyerA divorce is not a walk in the park, no matter how amicably you and your ex-spouse decided on it. You’ll face awkward situations sooner or later. Here are some tricky divorce scenarios you wouldn’t want to get into but may inevitably have to face. And, here are the ways to handle them.

Divorcing a Spouse with Mental Illness

You and your trusted Denver divorce lawyer already saw a difficult legal battle coming your way when you decided to part ways with a mentally ill spouse. Making the decision is already a huge step, as many men and women find it extremely difficult to end marriages with spouses who suffer from narcissism, personality disorder, and other mental illnesses.

The marriage is highly volatile, and so is the divorce. Situations like these call for the intervention of therapists and law professionals, who can guide the estranged spouses throughout the process. While there currently aren’t a lot of laws for the protection of spouses from mentally ill partners, having professionals around can form a solid case and provide emotional support.

Divorcing a Secretly Gay Spouse

You may think that a straight person unwittingly ending up with a secretly homosexual spouse is far-fetched, but if you see yourself in the position, then you know very well how difficult it is. This is a situation parallel to the Eddie Redmayne-starrer the Danish Girl, in which a successful male artist comes out as a transsexual.

His wife supported him throughout his transition, but you don’t think you can do the same, so you decide to go for a divorce. An anonymous contributor shared on The National Post that she didn’t have any inkling that her husband of around 10 years is homosexual, and he also constantly denied it. She stayed for years, but when she decided to end the marriage, she did a lot of mental and emotional preparation.

She knew that not everyone would understand, and the blame would most likely fall on her. But, in her words, “being married to a gay man has been a gilded cage,” and she needed to get out. The scrutiny that came after was the least of her concerns.

Divorce is already tricky as it is. When faced with a difficult situation, however, you have to stick with your decision to part ways, and handle it honestly and maturely.

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