A Promising Career Awaits: Are You Fit to Become a Plumber?


In any building, be it residential or commercial, having a well-designed plumbing system is necessary. Otherwise, water supply and sewage drainage would never be possible. When you have a plumbing system in place, you need maintain it regularly. Conduct preventative maintenance periodically to save on the costs of repairs and replacements.

This opens new job opportunities for eligible candidates interested in becoming a commercial plumbing maintenance personnel. If you feel you can handle the responsibilities of this job, Perina Plumbing offers a brief discussion on the criteria you must fulfil to be eligible.

Educational Requirements

In terms of educational qualifications, the requirement isn’t too demanding. As long as you have a high school diploma, you’re eligible to apply for this job. This certificate should be from a recognized school.


Technical Abilities

Apart from a high school diploma, you must have adequate technical knowledge of plumbing. Some companies may require you to show proof of experience and a track record in handling tasks successfully. Other technical abilities you must possess include:

  • The ability to know which cleaner and chemical are safe to use
  • The ability to quickly diagnose the problem and find a solution for it
  • Good knowledge of plumbing specifications and codes

Personal Skills

Apart from technical abilities, you must also possess the right personal skills to land the job. These include:

  • The ability to work independently
  • The skill to solve problems rapidly and efficiently
  • Good overall physical health as the work would require much physical efforts on your part
  • Good communication skills to be able to talk to the client as a means to diagnosing the problem

Multi-tasking abilities and having a positive attitude towards work and learning are two other skills demanded by prospective employers.

If you feel you’re the perfect fit in terms of the eligibility criteria, consider pursuing a career in this business.

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