Public Speaking Pointers: Improving Your Physical Appearance

Woman Doing Public SpeakingIn today’s society where looks can affect how people view you, you would have to follow a certain standard when aiming to become a public speaker or trainer. Apart from a professional background and educational attainment, upgrading your appearance can add to your effectiveness and audience impact. Here are some of those basic improvements:

Personal Hygiene – Sporting a neat hairstyle, clean nails, and healthy teeth and gums for a freshened face is already a given. However, do pay closer attention to other aspects of personal hygiene like body odour and bad breath. Before a talk, check every inch of your teeth. Bring a breath freshener if necessary. For men, take the time to shave. For women, do not overdo your make-up. For both, add a dab of cologne or perfume.

A Bright Smile – Science and religion have continually encouraged smiling, as it can make anybody feel beautiful inside and out. Not only does smiling make you look more attractive, it also makes you look approachable and confident—all of which is vital in public speaking. If you are not confident with your teeth, and other dental professionals recommend visiting a dental clinic for teeth whitening services or cosmetic treatment.

An Acceptable Attire – Choose clothing that will go well with the event. As a general rule, it is better to avoid rugged and sporty outfits for formal occasions. Your clothing should fit you fashionably and comfortably. Everything you put on from head to toe can communicate with your audience, while representing your personality and style.

You cannot avoid the fact that public speaking is a career that exposes you to listeners who will be critical of what you say and how you look. Do not panic, though. All you need is to show off your best sides and express your message in the most effective way possible.

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