Put Together a Jane Austen Themed Wedding

1479-572c6920a2a40.jpgJane Austen is an enduring literary symbol of England. Her poignant novels inspired hundreds of love stories throughout the years. She still manages to entrance with her words after more than two centuries have passed. For someone who is in love with Georgian sensibilities, a Jane Austen wedding would be perfect.

Here is exactly what you would need to put together such a wedding:


The best place to hold a Jane Austen wedding is in the city of Bath. You can choose a unique boutique bed and breakfast within Bath, and hire the gardens for a romantic outdoor wedding. Bath is full of beautiful Georgian architecture, which brings you straight back to the time when Jane Austen roamed its cobbled streets and lush gardens.

Bath is the setting of several of Jane Austen’s novels, including Persuasion and Northanger Abbey. Austen’s own parents were married there.


No wedding is complete without a sumptuous Georgian meal. While Jane Austen rarely described the food in her novels, it is safe to include staples such as French wine, white soup and roast loin of pork.

As an appetiser, serve rich Bath buns, a dainty yeast bread with a sugary glaze. Venison cooked in white wine with bacon, lemon and capers is a delicious Regency style dish that works well as the main course.


A Jane Austen themed wedding is not complete without the clothes. Choose a dress with voluminous white lace and a flattering empire cut. A bouquet of fresh wild flowers from the British countryside completes the look. Remember that it was the favourite of Marianne Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility!

Ask your guests to dress in their favourite Georgian inspired fashion, and be prepared to dance the night away. Be sure to incorporate all of your favourite elements in the book to have the literary wedding of your dreams.

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