Apartment Safety: What to Check for Before Moving In

Apartment Building in DenverThe thing about moving into a new apartment is you’re probably not the first one to live there. So whatever the old tenants did to the apartment you may inherit, including threats to your health and safety.

When you get a new apartment, there are a few things you should not forget to do before you get settled in.

Clean the bathroom

Whoever used the apartment before you – college roomies, a supermodel, etc. – they did their nastiest business in the bathroom. And not all of them may have had the decency to care to clean it properly. So before you put a single bar of soap in there, clean it. Call a professional if you must, especially if you notice stains, broken tiles, etc. While you’re at it, replace the toilet bowl; if you can afford to have it replaced, why waste time and money trying to remove those awful stains?

Change the locks

Talk to your landlord about changing the locks, particularly the main door. The thing about renting is someone may still have a key to your apartment. You can get someone to re-key a Denver apartment, or change the locks altogether.

Check the windows

You may change the lock on your door, but if your windows are unsafe, your new Yale deadbolt doesn’t matter. Check the windows for their locks and for energy efficiency. Also, every room should have at least one window that opens fully. If they’re affecting your peace of mind or the energy bill, talk to your landlord about repairs or replacement.

Check for mold and mildew

This doesn’t mean the bathroom only; check the walls, the closets, and every hidden area in the apartment. Mold and mildew usually cause a musty odor. And they can cause health problems. Talk to your landlord about such a problem immediately if you find any signs.

Better to be safe than sorry when you move into a new apartment. You’re going to pay the rent anyway, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t get a place you can truly call home.

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