Railings and Balustrades: Is Aluminium Surpassing Iron as the Material of Choice?


BalustradeWhen you think of balusters, the vertical posts between the hand railing and the stair threads, the image that usually pops in your mind are columns made of wrought iron, steel, or even timber. These are classic materials common in older homes with elaborate galleries and porches, but they’ve seen a decline in the recent years.

This decline is partly due to homeowners’ changing preferences. Iron balusters may look good, but they’re out of place in a modern home. These changing trends are also the reason aluminium is growing in demand as a material for balustrades and railings.

Low Cost Materials

Many balustrading companies say that one of the main reasons many homeowners prefer balustrades made of aluminium and glass is its lower cost. Wrought iron and steel have a higher price tag due to the complicated manufacturing process associated with these ‘harder’ metals.

Aluminium, on the other hand, is a highly malleable metal, making it very easy to manufacture. You might think this means it’s weaker than wrought iron and steel, but it has almost the same characteristics as the two and surpasses both of them in terms of corrosion resistance.

Visual Appeal

Balustrades and railings made of aluminium fit modern homes better than their classic counterparts do. The simple designs compliment both the interior and exteriors and add a touch of sophistication that increases your home’s visual appeal – whether it’s an overhead railing or a staircase.

The glass balusters on the aluminium balustrades give maximum views of your living spaces. They also allow light to flow freely in your home. The reflective surface of the glass allows you to illuminate your home ‘naturally’, and giving the illusion that your living space is larger than it looks.

Many homeowners still prefer wrought iron and steel for balustrades, but there’s no denying the increasing popularity of the ones made with aluminium and glass – not just for its visual appeal, but also for its cost-effectiveness as a material.

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