Reasons You Should Survey Your Land

Hand surveying the land

Many people do not realise the importance of having their land surveyed before having a new home constructed on their property. Many are caught up with the idea of having their dream home so soon that they tend to oversee the role of a land survey.

A land survey establishes your property’s boundaries, which could help you when you apply for a building permit. It also helps you see if there are any boundary discrepancies with your land.

Here are some of the reasons why you should not forget to have your property surveyed by land surveyors in Auckland.

To ensure that you build your home only on your land

A land survey will help you know the exact boundaries of your property. You need this before you start building your home to ensure that you will not construct on any part of your neighbour’s land. If you want, you may build a fence around your land to set the boundaries.

To prevent land conflicts

On the other hand, a land survey will come in handy when a neighbour suddenly decides to build a structure on a piece of land you believe is part of yours. With the survey, you could resolve the issue with your neighbour and ensure that no other people could claim your land. You can also use the survey if someone questions you about the boundaries of your property.

To avoid losses after natural disasters

In the aftermath of a natural disaster like typhoon or earthquake, some properties may be partially or completely wiped out. A land survey can help prevent any confusion as to the rightful owners of each piece of land.

If you want to avoid troubles later on, it is only wise that you have your land surveyed even before you start building your dream home.

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