Satellite Phones for Global Communications

Satellite Phones

Satellite PhonesSometimes we get so used to things, we think there’s just no way we could ever go wrong. Take our smartphones for instance – the iPhones and Androids in our everyday lives. We’ve become so accustomed to them we believe they are all the communication tool we need when we travel – true until we step off the grid.

Powerful Handheld Devices

It’s safe to say smartphones took the world by storm. And who wouldn’t want one? With a smartphone you upgrade your social life with all the social media available to your heart’s desire while at the same time you have your fill of the best online games.

For all the good things it has brought forward, a smartphone and modern man are a match made in heaven. And it seems no one is complaining – at least not by the droves.

Statistics reveal smartphone users in the U.S. have reached a staggering 190.5 million in number – an uptrend that’s seen to increase to over 236.8 million by 2019. It looks like America’s obsession with the handheld communication device has just officially started.

Thanks to powerful branding, the iPhone – the most in-demand smartphone in the U.S. – has made Apple the most profitable enterprise on Earth with over $53.4 billion in a year’s profits.  That’s a feat surpassing ExxonMobil’s in 2008.

Global Coverage

Nevertheless, even with all its inherent strengths, smartphones are largely limited as a communication device. When you travel around the world, you’ll realise that a smartphone doesn’t offer you the coverage you need to keep you in touch with your work and your inner circle.

This is where a satellite phone would come in handy, explains Singtel.

Great coverage is what makes satellite phones trump smartphones – be it an iPhone, an Android or a new breed. Because they obtain their signal via satellites that hover miles above, a sat phone works even when you’re navigating the remotest reaches of the world, from just about any elevation. Even better, satellite phone rates are way cheaper than cell roaming rates.

For a certified globe-trotter, no phone gets you the connection you need better than satellite phones.

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