The Sunny Road: Plan your Summer Escapade

road trip in Perth

road trip in PerthIt’s that time of the year again where temperatures are expected to spike to new heights. Yes, the sun is out in Australia. Summer has arrived. With the sunniest season, it’s only fitting to break free from the daily grind. A holiday is in order, and nothing spells an exciting and adventure-filled holiday than a road trip throughout the Land Down Under.

Travel Routes and Destination

Yes, you’re going on a trip. Get your map and start plotting your course. There are many excellent summer destinations in Australia, from beaches to national parks! There are also exciting activities you can do for every stopover, including camping, horseback riding, rock-climbing, diving or just pigging out.

Once you have your destination and activities planned, find the best route and mark the time allotted for each stay. The itinerary is there only as a guide, though. Feel free to make detours.

Bookings and Supplies

You can’t go on an epic summer road trip with just your wallet and a change of clothes. For it to be the trip of the year, you have to stock up. Take clothes for all possible scenarios, enough food to keep you full between stopovers, and your personal effects and essentials.

Think about bookings. After you’ve plotted your road trip, call the hotels or hostels for reservations.


This is a road trip. To be the master of this great odyssey, you must have a means of transport. You may rent a car for the trip, if you don’t have an automobile.

Take care of all the preparations for your car before the trip. Nova Smash Repairs recommends having it checked at the nearest auto repair shop for tune-ups, maintenance and even repairs, if necessary. Your car will be the main body of your road trip, so make sure it’s all good before you set off.

Don’t stay in for the summer. Leave your Perth home and go have the adventure of the year!