Stretching for the Long Stretch of Snow Slopes

Snow slope

Snow slopeOf all the things skiing brings, one of them is more obvious than the rest: exhilaration.

The thrill of racing down the mountains or dodging tricky terrains is enough to give you the adventure of a lifetime. To get the most out of this one-of-a-kind experience, it pays to be physically ready. Otherwise, you might find yourself tumbling down the slopes. believes that getting in shape helps you enjoy more. It also means that you can ski longer and will have a lower chance of injuries along the way. Practicing several stretches and exercises can make you look and feel like a pro while on the slopes.

Start Squatting

Conditioning coaches consider squatting as one of the best lower body exercises. These stretches condition your legs for the demands of strenuous skiing. When combined with dumbbells or barbells placed across your shoulders, squats exercise your hamstring muscles and quadriceps. These areas control your glutes and knee joints, giving you better leverage on the slopes.

Lunging for Stronger Legs

Similar to squats, lunges prepare your legs for the rigorous slopes. It develops your balance, which is also important in skiing.

Start your lunge by taking a step forward and bending your legs until your knee touches the floor. Push yourself back up and return to a starting position. Repeat the movements with the opposite leg. You can also add some challenge with the help of a barbell or weight in your hands.

Lateral Jumping Develops Rear Thighs

Skiing on the slopes is all about balance and side-to-side movement. When you practice lateral jumps, you develop your inner, outer, rear and front thighs, which gives you better coordination.

Stand with both feet together and arms resting by your sides. Next, bend your elbows to 90 degrees and your knees slightly. Jump 12 inches to your left and immediately jump to the right. Keep in mind to focus on your speed and maintain minimal contact with the ground. Add a twist to the exercise by jumping over obstacles or hurdles.

Experience the exhilaration skiing brings by being physically prepared. With a bunch of lunges and squats, you will reign supreme in the slopes sooner than you think.

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