Live Out of the Postcard: Why Choose Papua New Guinea

property investment

property investmentPapua New Guinea’s exotic allure is one of the many things that make it such an appealing destination in the Pacific. Residing in the country presents many opportunities to make dreams of living in a tropical paradise come true. What are the allures of this island and why are investors turning their gaze on this side of the Pacific?

Unexploited Beaches and Jungles

Comprising half of New Guinea and its neighboring islands, PNG is famous for its dense virgin rainforests and beaches. As a tourist destination, there are all kinds of business and development opportunities. It is a quintessential island getaway that takes vacations to the next level.

Mining Resources

PNG’s economy is bolstered by the natural resources, and mining is a major industry. In connection to this, the development of housing for miners is a necessary abutment. The industry then becomes an open attraction many developers of Papua New Guinea real estate like

Tropical Weather

Although the climate varies in different parts of the island, PNG has a tropical monsoon climate and is generally hot and humid. This climate is what gives life to its rainforests, which covers 75 percent of the country. In the lowlands are swamp forests, while Port Moresby has grassy plains and savannah woodlands.

Rich Cultural Heritage

The industrial sectors and urban areas are relatively young. The metropolitan area is not very big; PNG is still a rather rural country. One of the attractions of living in the country side is being able to experience PNG’s old customs and traditions, which half of the population still practices.

Modest Population Growth

PNG has an annual growth rate of 2.3 percent, with the largest concentration residing in Port Moresby. Around 85 percent of the population are spread throughout ten major urban areas.

These are just some of the interesting features of Papua New Guinea that can pave a way for its future progress. Living and investing in PNG is an excellent choice, especially for those who love the countryside.

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