Three Top Swimming Pool Problems and Solutions

swimming pool

Swimming pools need maintenance, but some find it tricky. Normally, pool problems are best left to professional swimming pool repair companies, but DIY enthusiasts may, consult industry experts such as the Department of Health and Preferred Pools & Spa.

Here are the top three swimming pool problems and their corresponding solutions:

Algae attack

When your pool’s surface is green, you have an algae problem. Most of the time, this is due to chlorine levels. Use a shock treatment coupled with algaecide to kill all the algae. Increase the chlorine in your pool to prevent it from happening again.

Filter fiasco

Be happy that your filter’s clogged because it’s doing its job, but you’ll have to do some maintenance during this instance. Clean it chemically at least once a year to prolong its service life and when it gets clogged, remove the debris from it manually.

swimming pool

Stain setback

If there are brown stains on the walls and floor of your pool, check the mineral levels. Use a sock with pH decreaser and rub it on the stain. If it doesn’t work, try the same process with a chlorine stick. This dilemma requires professional assistance, so you might have to report it immediately as the longer it’s untreated, the harder it gets to remove.

When you can’t seem to solve the problem on your own, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.