Tile and Grout Cleaning: The Easy Way

tile cleaning

tile cleaningCeramic is the popular option for flooring today. It looks good and can suit any kind of décor, but maintenance is not always easy. The lines between the slabs collect a lot of dirt and get stained often. There are some chemicals available that can remove these stains, but may damage the ceramic slabs in the process, apart from being costly.

Fortunately, there are some easy methods that you can use for tile and grout cleaning in Provo. These will help you keep your floors fresh and clean easily. Some of them are:

The environmentally friendly method

The most eco-friendly method is to use water and oxygen bleach to clean the stains. This method is effective and non-toxic. Even stubborn food and grease stains can be removed without much scrubbing. The oxygen ions break down the dirt and eliminate them. If the stains are stubborn, then allow the solution to sit on the floor for a longer time.

Steam mops are very useful

If you have extensive flooring with ceramics, then a steam mop could be a good investment. These use hot water and a clean pad to deep clean the flooring. Boss Systems explained that regular cleaning can keep the floor clean and sparkling. There are such high quality mops available for home use; while these may be a bit on the pricier side, these will prevent intensive cleaning later.

Bleach and baking soda

Bleach can be used if the lines between the ceramic slabs are white. Bleaching powder or a bleach pen can be used depending on the area to be cleaned. Take note, however, that these are not suitable for colored ceramics. Baking soda is also an eco-friendly option. A bit of baking soda and salt works very well for cleaning the stains. Spot cleaning and scrubbing small areas are easier with this method.

It is best to maintain the cleanliness of the flooring regularly to avoid deep cleaning later. Wipe off stains immediately and ensure dirt does not dry and harden on the floor. This way the floors will be easier to maintain.

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