Tips for Buying Personalized Gold Coins

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gold coinsThe customization on a personalized gold coin comes predominantly in the form of its design and lettering. The custom-made gold coins are in demand, particularly by businesses and other organizations wishing to give away the coins as corporate gifts. Such coins also fall into the coin collection category and make for terrific personal gifts.

Regardless of the personalization, the coin is made of yellow gold. So you must purchase the coins as carefully as you would any precious metal. Here are a few tips from Personalized Coins to help you find the best deal when buying personalized gold coins.

Seller’s reputation and reliability

The first thing that you should look for when buying your coins is the seller’s reputation and reliability. In this regard,

-Do a background check on the seller
-Get to know about the seller’s trustworthiness via the customer feedback
-Talk to the seller and judge how knowledgeable they are regarding gold coins
-Also make sure that the seller has a return policy so that you can get a refund if you are not satisfied with the coin.

Grading of the coin

Another important consideration when buying personalized gold coins is the grading. Quite often, coins tend to have a wide gap between their actual value and their grade. To avoid this kind of a disparity, always buy those gold coins that have been graded by a third party service such as ICG, PCGS and NGC. Additionally, do not buy coins that have been graded by lesser known services. Also, ensure that the grading has been done recently as gold standards tend to change over time.


Finally, get to know the price of the personalized gold coin before you finalize the purchase. Ideally, buy the coin at a time when the bullion prices are relatively low. In addition, be sure to shop at many stores, whether online and offline, to land the best deal and to get discounts and other offers. This way, you are sure to make the purchase an even more worthy investment.

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