Top Fashion Trends to Follow for 2019

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Having your own business is something that a lot of people aspire to have. A clothing boutique franchise is one of the most worthwhile of investments for the simple reason that people will always be in need of something to wear. Naturally, in a very image-conscious world, not just any fashion will be good enough. It’s just as important to offer the latest trends.

These are the biggest fashion trends that are going to be sure hits this 2019:


This type of fashion was hip and groovy in the 70s. With the mix of a kaleidoscope of colors in a very sharp concentric circular design, tie-dye is eye-catching and appealing to everyone looking to stand out. Part of the resurgence in popularity of tie-dye can be pegged to the obsession with all things retro. The return of this fashion style can be attributed to Kaia Geber’s R13 runway romp showcasing just how chic tie-dye can be.

Bike Shorts

Originally relegated to the back end of many a clothing boutique franchise as clothing for the lazy, they are starting to crop up everywhere on the runways. The appeal of bike shorts comes down to comfort. They’re a joy to wear, are suited for more physically demanding days, and can be stylishly paired with free-flowing garb. If you’re not convinced, then maybe the endorsement of no less than the Kardashian sisters will sell you on the idea.

Off Shoulder

woman choosing off-shoulder dress

These types of apparel have been done to death with double off shoulders being particularly popular clothing during summer months where keeping cool is a priority for many. That’s why this year sees it focusing on stylish garb that throws off but one shoulder to show off. It’s fresh, it’s different, and it certainly catches the eye with a unique treatment of a time-honored favorite among the fashionistas of the world. Loose is best when it comes to this type of style.


Fortunately, this style refers more to over coats than actual garb—it wouldn’t do to have people running about essentially in the nude. Kate Spade is responsible for making these coats mode once more. They don’t go for plain clear, however, as they come in a whole palette of colors that complement or even enhance anything that you wear underneath. As an added bonus, this type of fashion is actually functional as well—it can protect you from the rain.


Moving on to accessories, gone are the days of wide fabric bags or even leather pieces. What’s in in 2019 is bamboo. These bags aren’t hewn from thick cuts of bamboo, but rather thinner strips that create a see-through effect. These bags scream nature and can come in a very diverse range of designs, styles, and sizes. They’re the perfect accessory for those who want something sturdy and functional, but gorgeous.

If you want a franchise that’s a sure hit, go into fashion. They offer a wide range of products for an even wider range of audiences ensuring that you never go out of business. Stick to the popular trends of this year and you’re sure to draw in a crowd.

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