The Most Common Computer Problems and Why They Happen

People are so dependent on technology to make their lives more convenient that it can mean a great panic when these gadgets or electronics break down. That’s especially true for our computers that we depend on for our work and our entertainment.

Nothing can cause more of a headache than having these ubiquitous parts of our lives suddenly stop working properly. That’s why computer repair franchise opportunities are very lucrative.

The key to dealing with problems related to our computers is to understand what the most common of these are as well as their causes.

Hard Drive Failure

A painful problem that you can encounter is the failure of your hard drive. It’s a very serious problem that can cause the loss of work, critical data, and files that are of personal importance. Sure, you can easily replace a hard drive nowadays, but the loss of all that important data is harder to regain.

One solution that you can take is to back up your most important files long before your hard drive starts to fail. Today, there are options to save your data online and in the cloud as well as on portable hard drives and USB dongles.

“Computer Is Slow”

One of the most common complaints that computer repair franchise opportunities are likely to get is the catchall “computer is running slow.” There are a staggering number of causes for this problem. The most common of these is that there simply is too much running at the same time.

This often happens when you get trigger happy and install everything in sight. The problem here is that most programs are set to run in the background even if you don’t start them up. This cumulatively adds up to an overworked computer.

The Blue Screen of Death

Blue Crash Screen

Perhaps the most famous of all the problems you can encounter, this error is characterized by the sudden appearance of a purely blue screen upon starting up. Technically speaking, it is a Microsoft Windows-related stop error that usually indicates that a very serious problem occurred.

This is one of those rare instances when some software glitch doesn’t cause the problem. In fact, it’s more than likely that the problem is with the hardware. Fortunately, this often displays error codes that you can refer to.

Internet Connectivity

Another problem of the modern age is the dreaded loss of internet connectivity. The funny thing about this problem is that, often times, the problem isn’t so much with the computer as it is with your service provider.

If it isn’t your internet service provider that’s at fault — or is experiencing a hiccup — then you can start to consider the router or modem, computer, and network software. Again, there are many causes of this problem, but they’re among the easiest to fix among all the problems that you can face.

All these problems have people scrambling for quick repairs —which makes setting up a computer repair business a truly worthwhile business to start. Provided that you invest in the right tools to deal with these and other problems, you’ve likely found yourself a great source of income. Another thing is to stay on the leading edge of technological innovations, so you stay relevant.

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