Types of Equipment you need for a Mexican Restaurant

Mexican food serving

Opening a Mexican restaurant may be the right move for you, but it may be worth considering working with a franchiser. Many franchising businesses will allow you to get your business started with much less risk and time than if you were to start from scratch. You will be working with someone who has already tested a business model and found it to work.

Running a healthy food franchise is not easy, especially if you are new to it. For someone looking to start a Mexican food joint, there are specific equipment sets that you will need. You will be halfway to creating an authentic Mexican experience if you have the following equipment:

Pottery pots

These pots are commonly referred to as Olla or Barro, two names derived from the Mexican word for ‘clay’. The Olla is typically large and deep. It is used to boil soups and stews or to simmer beans. The benefit of using clay is that it heats evenly which makes it ideal for use with direct flames. Note, however, that clay is sensitive and fragile so it needs to be handled carefully.

The griddle

They call it ‘comal’, this griddle. It is a rounded, clay, flat-surface, cooking device used to warm vegetables and to roast tortillas. Modern griddles are made from cast iron or aluminum, and they have a finish that is non-stick. You will need to be careful choosing this griddle because you want a size that can fit at least a serving.

The hand grinder

A hand grinder is a tool made from lava rock. It usually has the stone surface set on three legs. The hand grinder is about the same size as a rectangular platter. A large cylindrical stone is usually rolled on the grinder to reduce items into smaller sizes. If you need to do the job seated, you can pick grinders with longer legs.

The mortar & pestle

The mortar is a small bowl made of stone, wood or clay. They usually have a lengthened cylindrical stick-like pestle. Together, the two are used to smash spices or other foods. The mortar and pestle are vital because you will need to use pulverized foods.

The stirrer

Woman preparing tacos

You will likely hear it referred to as the Molinillo. The stirrer is, in most cases, made of wood. You spin it between your hands in some hot chocolate, for example, if you want to make it foamy. The stirrer is often simple although there are highly decorated options.

Preparing Mexican food is not easy. You need to be well versed with the equipment that makes it happen. Some things like the Barro, are crucial because they introduce the earthy flavor that people go for in Mexican foods. Secondly, the right tool makes your work easier. Remember that a franchise does not remove all the risk from doing business. You will still have to put in the hours and sometimes make mistakes. The major benefit about having a franchiser is that you have someone to run to for counsel and you should, whenever you need to, make use of this opportunity.

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