7 Jobs Brought About by the Online World

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The Internet has become a ubiquitous part of the world. There are still regions in the world that do not have Internet access, but most have been transformed by this age where information, goods, and services are made available in just a few clicks.

The workforce has been likewise transformed, what with jobs that had not existed a century ago but have become common in most companies and employment these days. Here are some of the prominent jobs that can be done in the comfort of your home that did not exist before the age of the Internet.

Cloud Infrastructure Specialists

A cutting edge and rising industry on its own, cloud infrastructure is the replacement of traditional bulky services. Much time and progress have passed since the time of ENIAC, the first computer that can only add and fill an entire room in a university laboratory. Now, there are motherboards the size of credit cards. There is also infrastructure for data and operations in computers that are hosted purely in the cloud.

Cloud infrastructure takes the portability of IT infrastructure up a notch: you don’t need to buy Linux servers and build your physical data center. The whole thing can be built on the cloud and be executed by skilled workers like cloud support engineers and solutions architects.

Search Engine Optimization and Pay per Click

You can be in the heels of a digital marketing franchise opportunity, or you can specialize in something that good old Google has introduced. Search engines used to be a pet project that involved ranking web pages using an algorithm. It has now become a global force to be reckoned with. Businesses of all sizes are able to benefit from search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns that improve their visibility with keywords typed by users all over the world using search engines like Google.

Website Analytics

The buzz is all concentrated on big data these days. You’ve got website analytics to tell you intelligently about the behavior of website visitors. For e-commerce websites with online stores, it helps them find out which products are bought together, what time these items are bought, and what drives a person to linger in their website to buy and consider other items in their shelf. There is so much buzz and hype about this, and the really qualified analytics experts are up for good things as the demand is incredibly high these days and will continue to be so.

Data Entry and Transcription

Despite the gazillion bits of data being transmitted daily and everywhere, there are still data from the offline world that needs to be encoded. Seminars and videos that need transcribing are still hot items in the job list for Internet workers. The artificial intelligent machines do have a knack for translating spoken words and videos into text, but not everybody has that kind of tech especially among startups and small business owners. Data entry and transcription is still the way to go for most businesses.

The Virtual Assistant

The all-around virtual assistant can set appointments, generate leads for a budding business, and do a lot of things that you can expect from an Executive Assistant in a traditional office. What’s more, you can even schedule having round-the-clock virtual assistants by hiring from different time zones so that work continues even when you sleep.

Web Developer

Web developer working

Building websites has become one hot job. A lot of people dabble with this or either take college courses related to developing websites using an existing framework or coding from scratch. This will continue to be the trend in the coming years.

Social Media Manager

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are equally viable hubs for making good profits. Social media managers make sure that your business has an online presence, and this presence is leveraged to bring in more and sustainable income for your company.

The jobs from online work continue to flourish, and given the recent technologies in artificial intelligence and big data, it will continue to empower people to work. With this kind of model, even without having an expensive college education, you can get good returns with a well-honed digital skill and a decent Internet connection.

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