What to Do When Maternal and Neonatal Injuries Occur

NeonatalBirth symbolizes happiness and enlightenment. After nine months of waiting, your bundle of joy is finally here. But one wrong move during the actual birth could lead to significant injuries for both mother and child.

What is Wrongful Infant Death?

Wrongful infant death refers to the death of a baby during labor due to negligence of a third party, most commonly the medical staff. Usually, the obstetrician, anesthesiologist and other medical practitioners who performed the operation are often considered negligent.

What are the Common Causes of Birth Injuries?

Several acts of negligence may cause birth injuries, disability and death. A common cause of injury is prolonged oxygen deprivation. Both the mother and baby need sufficient oxygen to prevent neurological and musculoskeletal abnormalities such as cerebral palsy, Klumpke’s paralysis and Duchenne brachial palsy.

According to Tyrone Law Firm, a birth injury lawyer in Georgia, the medical staff should ensure that the mother receives optimal oxygen during labor. The attending physician should also be prepared for shoulder dystocia and malpresentation. If not resolved, the lack of oxygen for a few minutes could potentially lead to death of both the mother and the baby.

Trauma during Childbirth

Difficult labor may be due to increased fetal size, multiple pregnancy or other unforeseen complications during childbirth. It is the duty of the attending physician to exhaust all tests and imaging modalities to anticipate the possibility of difficult labor.

If the doctor is not careful, the baby might suffer from traumatic injuries upon passage in the birth canal. The mother is also at risk for lacerations and bruises in the cervix and vagina, which could severely impair the process of childbirth.

The Bottom Line

Childbirth represents a new beginning wherein you can start a new life with your family. If medical malpractice causes injury, trauma or death of the mother or baby, someone must be held liable. Protect your rights by hiring a birth injury lawyer Atlanta to discuss the most suitable plan of action against the negligent medical practitioner.

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