When Do You Need a Lawyer’s Intervention in the Workplace?

Client consulting a lawyer

For people who get into a rut, they can always count on these professionals: a lawyer to help them prove their case in court, or a first responder to get them out of harm’s way. In the case of the former, a lawyer usually comes in to represent a person who has been indicted or one who intends to file a case.

Cases are usually filed when someone feels like he or she has been wronged by someone else. In the workplace setting, there are problems from which cases could arise, notes William R. Rawlings & Associates.

Underpaid Employment

An employee is underpaid when his or her employer fails to provide the full amount of the salary that was agreed upon when the employee signed the job offer. This is against the law protecting workers, which means the employer has to get penalized.

Harassment from Coworkers

Another workplace issue is being harassed by coworkers. For example, a worker is sexually harassed if his or her colleagues catcall him or her, say inappropriate things, or physically force themselves upon him or her.

Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination in the workplace could happen at the time of application or during employment. When a person gets rejected because of skin or hair color, the recruitment staff is effectively committing racial discrimination.

Maternity Leaves

Another workplace matter that can become a legal issue is when a pregnant employee is denied the right to take a day off or two once she goes into labor. Pregnancies and births are reasons for maternity leaves, which are granted exclusively to expectant mothers.

Lawyers are indispensable to people who are in need of someone to help them in court. This is especially true for employees who experience discrimination, harassment, or underpayment in the workplace. Without lawyers, workers wouldn’t be treated as fairly as they are today.

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